Vader + Bologna, plus Fremont

Joe has been partnering with sculptor Patricia Vader for several years. Both have an interest in kinetic sculpture and both have been using re-purposed bicycles parts in sculptures for a long time. In downtown Fremont California, on Fremont Boulevard , they recently installed Space Glow, a 12-foot tall  metallic flower composition that turns into a school of glowing space ships at night. It is only the second public art sculpture to be installed in Fremont, where it will reside for two years.

Springtime Bouquet

Vader+Bologna recently removed “Springtime Bouquet” , a 12-foot tall steel sculpture made with re-purposed water tank, auto wheels, utility box, rebar coils and grape stakes ,  from the Napa Art Walk. After two years in front of the Oxbow Market complex, this public scaled  kinetic sculpture now seeks a new site.

Joe knows his birds

Joe recently built and installed downtown Walnut Creek, California’s only artistic “bicycle tethering posts”. Titled “Bicycle Watchers“, it enables bikes to be safely secured near the curb without blocking the sidewalk for pedestrians. What makes this installation unusual is a row of large steel  birds perched along the top bar between the posts. [Perhaps they are keeping an eye on the bikes!] With typical confidence, Joe doubts that cyclists will think this concept is “for the b….”  well, you know.

 Joe hits the trail – again and again

Once again, Bologna added two sculptures to the  Cloverdale and Geyserville, California Sculpture Trail, a year-round exhibit of sculptures in Northern Sonoma County’s “wine country”.   One-eye Jack resides in downtown Cloverdale and Black Tetrahedron is installed at the southern freeway US 101 entrance into Geyserville. This is the ninth time Joe has been selected for this well respected California sculpture venue.


That’s a lot of blueness

Joe and his sculpture partner Patricia Vader recently installed a 12 foot sculpture titled Blue Cactus in the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek. The Bancroft Garden is a world-famous cactus conservancy and this new sculpture will mark the entrance from parking area.

And speaking of the Ruth Bancroft Garden

For the past 20 years, Joe has been an unnoticed “Gorilla Artist”, placing sculpture in public places, without an invitation. Very often, it then disappears. One time Joe left a large  steel cactus sculpture in the Ruth Bancroft [cactus] Garden after its sculpture exhibition was finished. He hid it among the living cacti that inspired its design . When  the garden manager found the new arrival, she called Joe to remind him that all sculpture must be removed from the garden . And then she said “But Ruth Bancroft really likes it and wants it to stay”.  Another victory for gorilla art!