Most of my work belongs outdoors, and that’s where I prefer to be also. Public art is a great venue for that passion and has become the primary focus of my practice. My work has been shown throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, with additional showings in Chicago, Michigan, Texas and New York.

To put a label much of my artwork is challenging, but there is a French term  that comes close. It’s Bricolage, which refers to the construction or creation of a work from a diverse range of things that happen to be available. So rather than trying to find specific objects or materials for my sculpture, I often let them find me.

Experience counts too! I have served on the Walnut Creek Art Commission for seven years, putting my architectural career and sculpture skills to work reviewing public art proposals and updating the city’s Arts Master Plan. As a member of Pacific Rim Sculptors , I served on the Exhibition Committee for five years, organizing large group shows in San Francisco.  I have chaired the Ruth Bancroft Garden Sculptor Show in Walnut Creek,  California, which attracts 1,000 visitors every year, to view 50 sculptors’ work.